fireworkssmallShooting Fireworks Tips

With the upcoming Canada Day (July 1st) and Independence Day (US) July 4th most people will be headed out to watch and take pictures of the fireworks celebrations. Here are some tips for capturing some great fireworks photos.

•Scout a location for the fireworks show in advance (upwind of the fireworks with an interesting foreground).

•Use a Tripod

•Use a cable release

•Manual Focus (Set your focus to infinity)

•Use a low ISO (Turn Auto ISO off)

•Use a small Aperture f/5.6-f/16

•Use a slow Shutter Speed to capture the firework trails. Depending on the show and the Aperture you have set this could be from 5 seconds to 30 seconds or more. If your camera has shutter speed setting of B use that with your cable release. This allows you to directly control how long the shutter stays open by holding down the shutter release.

• Set your White Balance to Sunny

Before the fireworks start shoot a test shot or two to make sure you are set for the action and during the show you may need to adjust your Shutter Speeds depending on the Fireworks Show.

Now sit back with your cable release in hand and enjoy the show.

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